Diverse Signs offers specialist training for interpreters and communication professionals working in the Business sector.

BSL interpreters now have access to specialist webinars and training to support development of skills and knowledge when working in business settings.

Webinar’s and training days can count towards your annual CPD requirements and certificates, power points and additional resources are included for all attending participants. Please view available training courses below:

Specialist Training Sessions

  • Introduction to Video Interpreting 
    • Understand foundational elements of getting set up, preparing for assignments and what equipment you will need to work effectively in video interpreting.
  • Interpreting in Business Settings 
    • Understand the nature of business interpreting, explore the interpreters role in these settings and get tips on how to manage business terminology (Business Signs Project).
  • Voice Over Part 1 – Speaking & Listening
    • A relaxed interactive workshop, exploring what you can do with your voice, giving interpreters a safe space to get to know their own voice and become more comfortable and confident with public voice over confident. Suitable for all levels of interpreter.
  • Voice Over Part 2 – Vocabulary Enhancement
    • Find useful ways to keep your vocabulary toolbox topped up and untie your tongue in this practical workshop. Language is never static and we can learn to make vocabulary choices that can enhance of voice over delivery. suitable for all levels of interpreter.
  • Voice Over Part 3 – Voice Presentation Skills
    • Approaching your voice over confidently is a skill that anyone can learn. There are many tried and tested methods used in acting and theatre circles that can benefit interpreters and help to control nerves, be conscious of our output and pitch the right register during assignments
  • Voice Over Part 4 – Voice like a Pro
    • This is an advanced interactive workshop that provides a safe space for interpreters to prepare and practice voice over for academic and business settings.

For all inquiries please email: dionne@diverse-signs.co.uk